Self-interpreting Bible

by John Brown of Haddington

John Brown (1722-1787) was a Scottish weaver who became a Presbyterian minister. Although self-educated, he prepared an annotated Bible, Bible dictionary and concordance, and a metrical version of the Psalms. His self-interpreting Bible appeared first in 1778 in Edinburgh and was reprinted many times in both Scotland and America.

With the Reformation concept of sola Scriptura and the idea of regula fidei, this Bible adds over 200,000 references to aid the student of the Word of God. It also contains references to explain words which may have changed meaning since the publication of the KJV, and might confuse the modern reader. This Bible also contains helpful chapter introductions to further augment the study experience.

In his book John Brown of Haddington, Robert MacKenzie says: "Your Self-Interpreting Bible seems to stand in lieu of all other commentaries; and I am daily receiving so much edification and instruction from it, that I would wish it in the hands of all serious ministers." (pp. 187-188)